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We work across numerous channels to build your brand, help launch a product, share your vision or tell your story.

About Reconnection

Reconnection is a Miami based, full service video production company. Our videos are shot from a journalistic point of view showcasing brands, products, services, company profiles and executives.

We work with companies across all industries to create captivating video projects– from high profile luxury brands, to food and beverage companies, real estate developers, automotive industry players, and everything in between. Our directors and editors are also fluent in English, French and Spanish, and collaborate with major foreign media outlets to provide journalist correspondence. We are passionate about helping companies and individuals share their story and provide all the video production elements needed for corporate video and documentary projects.

Meet Adrien Rappoport

Adrien founded Reconnection in 2016, with over 10 years of experience as a videographer, producer and director of photography, specializing in television, documentary, and commercial videos.

He not only has worked with major luxury brands, but also has had the opportunity to interview some of our most important political and business influencer’s like Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, Philipp Levin, Mayor of Miami Beach, and Arnold W. Donald, CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. Adrien’s talents of creativity, interview skills and project management has made for many long-term client success stories.

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Reconnection was born from using the same filming and interviewing methodology of television production and has been developed further and applied to corporate videos and interviewing projects to create a unique point of view.