Expose your brand & engage your customers

We build your vision and help you share it with the world.

Corporate Projects

Reconnection is a corporate video production company based in Downtown Miami. We produce original and captivating video content for companies in all industries, product or service lines, and sizes. We provide corporate videos, brand videos, CEO and executive level profiles, and marketing videos. We cater to all the unique aspects of our client projects and manage the assignment throughout the full production cycle including: creative development, theme design, direction, messaging, post-production editing and delivery. We specialize in bringing a journalistic point of view to tell the story of your brand.

If you want to expose your brand, create a buzz around your product, demonstrate best in field, or engage your customers, call us to help build your vision and share it with the world.

Corporate and Brand Videos

When you need to tell your company or brand story, show a peek into the interworking’s of your company, highlight what makes your brand stick out from your competitors, showcase a new manufacturing facility or office space, let Reconnection handle the full video production.

We create high-quality corporate videos for all your communication needs. Using our business and marketing acumen, we help boost companies’ sales and reputation, give them a voice and countless other benefits at arise from video marketing.

CEO Interviews

Highlight the key players in your organization. Let your customers and audience get to know who is behind the company and brand. It’s a great way to break down the walls of a company. Using our interviewing techniques, we allow the passion, mission and vision come alive for the audience through the eyes of top leadership.

Show your customers why you do what you do to captivate them and enroll them into your brand message.

Commercial Projects

Video is one of the most impactful and meaningful forms of communication. With more and more video consumption, it’s become imperative to have well-crafted promotional marketing videos that differentiates your brand as part of your marketing. Commercial videos need to engage your audience. There are best practices for video duration, message and tone. These videos should be the appropriate length for the medium, the message needs to be clear and align with the overall project goals, and it’s essential to appropriately reflect your brand’s character.

We work within these parameters to design a video that will inform, reveal and sell your products and services to your target audience.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos have one purpose, to create a buzz around your brand, product or service. There is more freedom with promo videos to target your audience leave them wanting more.

If you want to create an energizing video focused on making your brand’s mark, we can work together to come up with the storyboard, tone and direction of the clip and provide full video production services.

Social Media Videos

Social media has provided businesses with a platform to truly connect with customers. Brands are using this highly interactive means of connection to target their specific audience so that they will view the engaging content and inspire to share that message with their network.

Social media is not only a great distribution method that extends your marketing budget, but it’s also helpful for starting new conversations, sharing your message and raising brand awareness. We can help you tailor your message and video across all social media platforms.

Journalist Projects

Reconnection’s foundations are in news outlets; reporting on cultural, historical and current events to French television channels and other international markets. We’ve used a variety of different medias types including television, magazine, documentary films and news reporting. Reconnection is based out of Miami, one of America’s largest cultural hubs, the connector to Latin America and a city with a large European population, making it an ideal location to develop stories. We provide all the production elements in house to deliver foreign correspondence, documentaries and political interviews.

We manage the entire project including finding interview subjects, cameramen, sound operators, editors and directors.


Reconnection develops and produces documentary projects for commercial, educational and entertainment purposes. We can handle all facets of documentary production including the narrative, project management, and video editing.

If you have a story that you would like to share, let us help bring it to life.

Interviewing Methods

Our interviewing method is to make our subject comfortable so they open themselves up and share their experiences, opinions, and words of wisdom. We do an in-depth interview, making sure to get a full profile on the individual.

We’ve interviewed countless people including CEOs, politicians, major influencers, etc.

Event Projects

Whether it’s for internal viewing, material to post to social media or a welcome video to include on your corporate website to get to know your team better.

Let your audience get a different view of your brand.

Corporate Events/Parties

With many company events and retreats occurring in Miami, we have filmed clients at opening parties, product launches, art gallery events, and many more.

Personal Projects

Our portrait videos provide a unique perspective of your school-aged children. These videos are an opportunity to see life from the eyes of your child, to discover what makes them happiest, what their favorite hobbies are, what they appreciate about their family members, how they’re doing at school in a remarkable and memorable way.

We gather your child’s interests and preferences during an in-depth interview and capture their daily life.

Portraits Videos

. You’ll be surprised to see what you learn about your precious ones. These videos allow your son or daughter to get more comfortable with interview processes and create a treasured and memorable snapshot of time.

These also make the perfect gift to family members to get a glimpse into their loved one’s childhood.